Designated Emphasis Information & Requirements

AMMP Designated Emphasis Information & Requirements for Ph.D. students

The Designated Emphasis is a 12-unit interdisciplinary graduate course of study requiring coursework across at least two departments. Two of the three required courses, if otherwise eligible, may count towards the student’s Ph.D. requirements.

  1. Two courses (8 units) selected from AHS 260, AHS 273, AHS 274, CRWT 186A, CRWT 186B, ENGL 117T, ENGL 120T, ENGL 151T, ENGL 152, ENGL 246, ENGL 250, ENGL 272, ENGL 273, ENGL 282, FREN 160, HISE 113, HISE 114, HIST 197, HIST 240 (E-Z), HIST 262, HIST 263. Students may ask to count another course with relevant content as approved by the Designated Emphasis Director. Students must select courses from at least two different departments or programs, one of which may be their home department. Undergraduate courses taken to fulfill these requirements must be accompanied by a 2-unit 292 course with extra work mutually agreed upon by professor and student.
  2. Significant Research Product: All students must complete a 297 graduate course (4 units) with an AMMP affiliated faculty member that produces an approximately 25-page research paper. This paper will fulfill the research requirement of the DE. Students may ask to write their research project within a graduate seminar, as approved by the Designated Emphasis Director. If they request this option, the seminar in question will replace the required 297 units and cannot be used for Ph.D. units.

All requirements for the Designated Emphasis must be satisfied before a student advances to candidacy in their Ph.D. field; a minimum GPA of 3.0 is required for the award of the Designated Emphasis.

  1. How to apply: When you have fulfilled all requirements and are ready to apply for the DE, confer with the AMMP director for confirmation. Then fill out the AMMP form under “Designated Emphasis Application Forms” found here.


Andrea Denny-Brown (English)
Office 2207 HMNSS

Advisory Committee & Participating Faculty and Staff

  • Jody Benjamin (History)
  • Heidi Brayman (English)
  • Heidi Brevik-Zender (French & Comparative Literature)
  • Thomas Cogswell (History)
  • Brian Geiger (Center for Bibliographic Studies & Research)
  • Catherine Gudis (History)
  • Randolph Head (History)
  • Robin Katz (UCR Library)
  • Amy Kenny (English)
  • Matthew William King (Religion)
  • Alexandra Le Blanc (Art History)
  • Carla Mazzio (English)
  • Mark Minch-de Leon (English)
  • Kristoffer Neville (Art History)
  • Padma Rangarajan (English)
  • Fuson Wang (English)
  • Cherry Williams (UCR Library Special Collections & University Archives)
  • Susan Zieger (English)
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