Courses & Teaching Materials

AMMP Courses 2021-22



HIST 290 (2 units): paleography workshop (Mondays 3-4) (Professor Head)

HIST 240F (4 units): Documentary Source Study (Mondays 3-6), which will include the paleography workshop while adding reading and discussion of archival history, theory, and research practices. For the 240F course, students will do a project applying archival theory to the student’s own research. The courses are overlapped in time so students can do just the paleography (about an hour a week of class) or the 4-unit version.

ENG 262: Early Modern Women Writers (Professor Brayman)


AMMP Courses 2020-21


HIST 197: Media technologies and social change (before the Internet) (Head) 


ENGL 250: Discourses, Literatures, and Languages of California Indian Genocide (Minch-de Leon)

ENGL 282: Archive Theory (Denny-Brown)

HIST 298G: Public History Practicum: Inland Mexican Heritage (Gudis)


ENGL 273: Walter Benjamin, The Arcades Project, and the Frankfurt School (Zieger)

ENGL 189: Literature of the Nineteenth-Century City: The Arcades Project (Zieger)

HIST 197: Fashion and History in Africa and the African Diaspora since 1800 (Benjamin)

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